These foods are considered most dangerous, it can take life

Every country has its own food. There are food items in the whole world, whose name we have never heard in our life. But among these wonderful things, there some things which are delicious as well as dangerous. There are many things in the world that should be eaten very carefully, it is said that eating these dishes carelessly can be fatal. In such a situation, it is natural that no one would choose to risk their lives by eating such things. However, let us tell you that the taste of these dishes is so wonderful that people who eat them cannot live without them. Let’s know about these dangerous foods-

  1. Puffer fish- Puffer fish is a Japanese dish. This is a very poisonous fish of Japan. It is said that special training is given to cook this fish. Not only this, the chef who is not able to do this does not get a license to cook this dish. It is said that if a cook makes a mistake in making it, it can even kill someone.
  2. Blood clams- Blood clams are commonly eaten in China. These blood clam dishes are kept in a low oxygen environment. If a mistake is made in eating it, then diseases like typhoid and hepatitis can occur.
  3. Raw Rajma- Red raw kidney beans contain many poisonous substances. Four to five raw rajma can take anyone to the hospital. It is not that eating undercooked rajma is more harmful than eating raw rajma.
  4. Fried Brain Sandwich- It is said that this sandwich is made from the brain of a cow or a calf. In this, the brain is fried and served. This dish was very popular in America. However, in view of its frequent side effects, it has been banned there.
  5. Bird’s Nest Soup- Have you ever heard of bird’s nest soup? This soup is also available and considered to be the oldest and most expensive soup in the world. A cup of Bird’s Nest Soup is said to cost around $10,000.
  6. Raw cashew nuts- Everyone likes to eat cashew nuts. People consume cashew nuts for fitness etc., but eating raw cashew can be harmful for you. A substance called urushiol is found in raw cashew, which is quite fatal.
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