These methods will help you to get rid of tea addiction; you will be saved from many diseases

In India, tea lovers, you will find many people who drink only and only tea all the time. But these people should know that drinking tea in controlled amount is beneficial.

Tea does reduce stress levels, but drinking 6-7 cups of tea daily can worsen your digestive system. Despite deteriorating health, many people are unable to give up tea. If you have made up your mind to get rid of the addiction of drinking tea, then follow these few methods, you will get instant relief.

Drink less tea daily

By drinking too much tea, you become addicted to caffeine. So reduce the caffeine count gradually. For example, if you take 6-7 cups of tea daily, try to drink less than one cup tea every day. Follow this method for a few days.

Use less tea leaves

People get addicted to the caffeine present in tea. Therefore, use less tea leaves while making tea. This will gradually reduce your addiction to tea.

Drink something instead of tea

Instead of tea, you can drink healthy things like green tea, chamomile tea or simple herbal tea. With this, you will not be dependent on caffeine and gradually your addiction to tea will also start decreasing. Green tea, chamomile tea and simple herbal tea are also good things for your health.

Drink Juice

Another way to get rid of tea addiction is juice. By drinking fruit juice, your digestive system will work properly and health will also remain good.

Have Detox drinks

You can include any detox drinks in your diet. This will help reduce the effects of excessive caffeine. Detox drinks will keep you hydrated and reduce hunger.

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