8-Yr jail Sentence for Russian Influencer for Starving Newborn Son to Death

A Russian influencer, Maxim Lyutyi was sentenced to eight years in prison for the death of his one-month-old son.

As per reports, because of superstitious belief, the influencer exposed the baby, named Kosmos, to sunlight to make the child acquire superhuman abilities.

Maxim did not provide the newborn proper food. The baby died of malnutrition and pneumonia while being rushed to the hospital in Sochi

Now, he is facing more than eight years behind bars in a high-security prison for ‘intentional infliction of serious bodily harm’. Metro reported that Kosmos was born at home because Lyutyi refused to let the boy’s mother visit a maternity hospital.

Lyutyi’s regimen for the infant included a strictly vegan ‘prana’ diet, with berries as food, which he believed enhance the body’s spiritual energy.

He forced the mother of the child not to feed the baby. He believed that the sun was feeding the baby.

The influencer wanted to experiment on the child and feed him purely with the sun, and then advertise it to others that this is how you can eat, the media outlet reported.

Interestingly, while in jail, Lyutyi has abandoned his previous beliefs.

His malnourished son died on March 8 last year, the Metro reported. Medics declared the 3.5-pound baby dead and both Lyutyi was arrested. The influencer confessed to killing his son in court ahead of his sentencing this week.

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