9 Palestinians Killed In Israeli Raid On Jenin Refugee Camp

Jerusalem: As per reports, an Israeli military incursion in the occupied West Bank resulted in the deaths of nine Palestinians, among them an elderly woman.

The Palestinian Health Minister issued a dire warning, stating that the situation in Jenin was “critical,” with numerous other victims injured and no way for ambulances to get to them. Israeli tear gas was used to attack the children’s ward of a nearby hospital, she claimed.

Israel’s military provided scant details, but Israeli media reported that it had intervened to stop extremists from launching “a massive attack.”

In the hotspot town, where there have been numerous Israeli raids, the Palestinian militant organisations Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed to be engaged in combat with Israeli forces.

As the Israeli military pursues what it describes as an anti-terrorism effort, tensions have recently grown in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers have so far this year murdered at least 29 Palestinians in the West Bank, including militants and civilians.

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