Baby Born Under Debris As Parents Killed In Syria Earthquake

Damascus: Though a massive earthquake devastatingly claimed scores of lives in Turkey and Syria, good news has come to the fore.

A miracle baby was born under the debris of buildings that collapsed in Syria. However, the infant has been left an orphan as her parents could not make it out alive.

Tragic footage showed the baby girl taking its first breath surrounded by destruction in northeast Syria.

According to reports, her mother went into labour during the quake but couldn’t survive the calamity.

A mammoth rescue operation was launched in Jenderes, in the countryside of northeast Syria’s Afrin, to save the newborn and her family as darkness, rain and cold enveloped the region.

But the parents, displaced tragically to Afrin from Deir Ezzor by Syria’s brutal war, did not survive the earthquake’s impact.

Reportedly, Turkey and Syria were rocked by a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake early Monday.

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