Turkey Earthquake: NDRF’s Sniffer Dogs Help Save Minor Trapped Under Debris

Gaziantep (Turkey): Sniffer dogs of NDRF, Romeo and Julie worked together to rescue a six-year-old child who had been buried under debris in the Beren neighbourhood of Gaziantep city, Turkey, for more than 72 hours.

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team is engaged in rescue and recovery efforts in Turkey, which, along with Syria, was struck by two earthquakes whose toll has already surpassed 33,000. Romeo, a six-year-old male Labrador, and Julie, a six-year female Labrador, are both members of this team.

Bob (6), Roxy (7), Rambo (4), and Honey (7), all Labradors, are other dogs in the squad with Romeo and Julie. The six dogs add to the 152-member NDRF squad already present at the scene.

Earlier, Bob and Roxy supported NDRF personnel in the search and rescue effort after a four-story building collapsed in Lucknow less than a fortnight before they boarded the aircraft to Turkey. They assisted NDRF workers to retrieve three bodies and rescue five others trapped in the rubble of a building.

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