Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Landlady Over Slow WiFi

A man in Singapore was sentenced to five months in jail after confronting his landlady in a fit of rage over slow Wi-Fi speeds in his apartment. The incident occurred on May 16 but was reported only recently.

Li Xin, a 30-year-old hotel housekeeper, frustrated by the slow internet connection while drinking and playing a game on his mobile phone, went to his 61-year-old landlady’s room, brandishing a 14cm knife. He forcefully pulled her into his room, threatening to kill her entire family and proceeded to strangle her.

Fortunately, the landlady managed to calm Li down momentarily when she received a call from another tenant, Ji Zhaoliang. Seizing the opportunity, she shouted at Ji to return quickly, revealing the dire situation. Ji arrived and intervened, putting an end to the assault.

Li Xin pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal intimidation with the intent to cause death and one charge of causing hurt by choking. In court, Li requested leniency, citing his unfamiliarity with Singapore’s strict laws. Nevertheless, the judge sentenced him to five months’ imprisonment.

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