Mumbai Woman Fights for Children’s Custody in Pakistan

An Indian citizen from Mumbai, Farzana Begum, is currently in Pakistan fighting for the custody of her children in Pakistan.

She is the second wife of a Pakistani national. She has refused to return to India claiming that the lives of her children are in danger.

Farzana married a Pakistani national, Mirza Mubin Elahi, in Abu Dhabi in 2015. The couple shifted to Pakistan in 2018. They have two sons aged seven and six.

Farzana alleged that she was tortured by her husband over a dispute regarding the custody of her sons and some properties in the name of her sons.

Farzana’s husband claims that he has divorced her, which Farzana denies. According to her, she is confined to her house in Rehman Gardens, Lahore, and her children in hunger.

Farzana has requested the government of Pakistan to provide her with protection until the case was resolved. She refuses to leave Pakistan without her sons.

Farzana is the second wife of Mubin Elahi, who already has

a Pakistani wife and children.

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