OceanGate Website and Social Media Accounts Deleted Following Sub Implosion

US-based deep-sea exploration company OceanGate has mysteriously vanished from the internet following the tragic implosion of its submersible, which claimed the lives of five tourists. The company had recently announced the suspension of their exploratory missions.

OceanGate’s website and social media accounts have become inaccessible, with the social media handles stating that the pages no longer exist. The company’s websites now display notices stating the halt of all exploration and commercial operations.

Previously archived versions of the OceanGate Expeditions website from July 8 revealed the prominent display of the suspension notice, along with links to the expedition and submersible details. However, the Facebook pages of both OceanGate and OceanGate Expeditions have been taken down, as have their accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter. The OceanGate Instagram account has been set to private. Currently, the only active website is that of the OceanGate Foundation, although its Facebook page has also been removed.

OceanGate and its CEO, Stockton Rush, faced intense scrutiny following the disappearance of the Titan submersible during a dive to the Titanic shipwreck on June 18. On June 22, the US Coast Guard announced that the submersible had catastrophically imploded, resulting in the tragic deaths of all five individuals on board, including Mr. Rush. Despite these developments, the company’s representatives have not issued any official statements.

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