Pak Woman Mobbed in Lahore as Crowd Mistakes Arabic Text On Kurta As Quran Verses

A woman in Pakistan was mobbed by a crowd in Lahore for wearing a kurta with Arabic prints. The mob mistook the Arabic writings on her kurta as verses of the Quran and accused her of blasphemy.

She was mobbed during her visit to a restaurant in Lahore along with her husband. The woman was rescued by the police from the mob, who were asking her to take off the kurta.

A video, shared by the Pakistan police, shows the woman covering her face with her hands as people surrounded her and raised slogans.

The police also praised the woman officer Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi who tried to pacify the mob and took the woman out of the restaurant.

Later on the woman at a police station apologized for hurting religious sentiments. According to her she bought the kurta just because it had good design.

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