Plane’s Crew Find 2 Windows Missing at 14,500 ft Above Ground

A plane took off from Stansted Airport in London to Florida to discover in midair that it had two windows missing. The plane could return back to the Essex airport safely after a crew member detected the issue in the flight.

The incident took place on October 4 when the flight had 11 crew members and nine passengers.

As per a report in the Independent, high-powered lights which were used during a filming event led to this incident of missing window panes of the plane.

According to a preliminary report, the event occurred a day after the plane was used for filming on the ground and strong lights were positioned near it to create the illusion of a sunrise. These heat-producing lights were flashed on the aircraft’s right side for almost five and a half hours before moving to the left side for four hours.

The government body also stated that the region around the missing or damaged windows revealed that the foam used to hold them in place had either melted or was missing and the windowpanes were “deformed and shrunken”.

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