Russia caught IS terror, Indian politicians were targeted

New Delhi: Russia has denounced the conspiracy of the Islamic State (IS) against India. Russian security forces have caught an IS terrorist planning a suicide attack targeting a top Indian politician. The terrorist was caught trying to come to India from Russia.

Today, a statement has been issued by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia in this regard. It has been said that the captured IS terrorist planned to kill a senior leader of the ruling political party in India in a suicide attack. The terrorist was first identified by the FSB and later arrested.

The arrested terrorist was working for IS. He is a citizen of any country in Central Asia. He arrived in India with a complete plan from Russia and aimed to carry out a suicide attack targeting a top politician there. He vowed to attack India, the statement said. According to reports in Russian media, the arrested terrorist trained for the attack in Turkey from April to June. He joined the IS suicide squad. There, he was given extensive training on how to carry out a suicide attack. He was linked to IS through Telegram.

After receiving training from Turkey, IS prepared the necessary documents for his entry into Russia. After staying in Russia for a few days, he planned to come to India from there. The necessary papers were also prepared for this. But he was caught by security guards even before he came to India. On the other hand, it is not known which big politician he targeted. Similarly, it is not clear if he planned to attack alone or if there are any IS members in India.

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