American Woman Brutally Murdered & Dismembered at Mexican Drug Rehab Center

Mexico City: In a deeply disturbing incident, a 35-year-old American woman, Celia Yanel Castaneda, was tragically murdered and dismembered while seeking treatment at a drug rehabilitation centre in Mexico.

The shocking details emerged during a recent court hearing, where the judge, out of respect for the victim’s dignity, refrained from divulging the most graphic aspects of the crime. The trial against the owners of the rehab centre, Diana Paola and Claudia Rubi, is currently underway, and if convicted, they could face a life sentence in prison.

According to local authorities, Celia Yanel Castaneda, who had been living in the United States for the past decade, was taken to the Monarch rehab centre by her relatives upon her return to Mexico. Disturbingly, on her first night at the facility, she experienced a violent episode as a result of withdrawal symptoms and allegedly attacked both owners of the centre.

Reportedly, in retaliation for the attack, Diana Paola and Claudia Rubi beat Celia Yanel to death. Shockingly, they then attempted to conceal the crime by dismembering her body. Police discovered incriminating evidence at the scene, including a metallic trash can containing blood-stained black and white pyjamas and a woman’s slipper.

The investigation further uncovered plastic buckets filled with human bones and flesh in the bathtub, as well as plastic bags containing various bones. Authorities also found a blender in the kitchen that contained traces of human flesh, indicating the suspects’ macabre attempt to liquefy the victim’s soft tissues.

During the court hearing, the judge read a police report describing the gruesome scene. However, in an effort to preserve the victim’s dignity and prevent further harm, the judge refrained from sharing the most explicit details. The trial against Diana Paola and Claudia Rubi continues, and they could potentially face life imprisonment if found guilty.

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