South Korean PM Promises Thorough Investigation into Seoul Stampede

Seoul: South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo today promised a thorough investigation will be done into the Halloween crush over the weekend that killed more than 150 people in Seoul.

Officials informed that the death toll rose overnight to 154 with 149 injured, 33 of them in serious condition. Most of the deceased were foreigners.

Tens of thousands of party-goers had crowded into narrow streets and alleyways of Seoul’s popular Itaewon district on Saturday for the first virtually unrestricted Halloween festivities in three years.

Witnesses said that chaos erupted when people poured into one particularly narrow and sloping alley, even after it was already packed. This morning, people laid flowers and candles at a small makeshift altar off an exit of the Itaewon subway station, a few steps away from the site of the crush.

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