US Carries Out Fresh Strike Targeting Houthi Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles

The US forces launched a fresh aerial attack in Yemen on Tuesday, focusing on anti-ship ballistic missiles within a region controlled by the Houthi rebels. This action represents the latest response to the Iran-backed group’s ongoing targeting of Red Sea shipping.

According to two anonymous US officials, the strike specifically targeted four anti-ship missiles. Notably, this event had not been previously reported, underscoring the continuous efforts to counter Houthi threats in the region.

Despite President Joe Biden’s recent directive for initial strikes aimed at degrading Houthi capabilities, attacks on Red Sea shipping persist. The Houthi rebels, dominant along Yemen’s Red Sea coast, assert that their assaults on commercial vessels are in solidarity with the Palestinians during Israel’s conflict in Gaza.

Promising to broaden their scope, the Houthi movement has expressed intentions to target not only commercial ships but also US vessels in the Red Sea region. This determination persists even after the US and British forces conducted numerous strikes last week, specifically targeting radar and missile capabilities.

Adding to the escalation, Houthi forces targeted the US-owned and operated dry bulk ship Gibraltar Eagle on Monday with an anti-ship ballistic missile, as confirmed by the US military.

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