What is the mysterious disease: 6 organs will be transplanted into the body of a young man

Diseases must be there if a human is born. Usually we know a variety of disease such as heart disease, cancer, fever, colds, coughs, diarrhea, and tumors. So often very few people suffer from such a rare disease. We have never heard of such a disease. The treatment of the disease is very expensive.

A young man living in Canada is infected with such a strange disease. The doctor does not know the exact cause of his illness. The young man’s condition has deteriorated over the past few years. A few years ago, Eric Kalam, 20, had a small bowel movement due to abdominal pain.

Eric has been suffering from unspeakable pain since childhood. But for the past two years, his condition has deteriorated. His liver and kidney problems have worsened, as well as many other infections. According to report, Eric is battling a mysterious illness. So, Eric is very worried about the disease and his family is helping him a lot.

Eric said, due to kidney and other infections, his 6 organs will be transplanted. Till date no one’s so many numbers of organs have been transplanted. Even after the transplant, a chance of recovering is 50%.

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