With 11.8 Inch Beard This Woman Creates World Record!

Erin Honeycutt, a 38-year-old woman from Michigan in America has got mentioned in the Guinness World Record for the longest beard on a living female.

Honeycutt, despite being a woman, has a long beard because of her polycystic ovarian syndrome. This hormonal imbalance disorder causes excessive hair growth in a female.

When young, Honeycutt was shaving, waxing, and using hair-removal products to remove her facial hair.

However, after losing part of her vision due to an eye stroke triggered by high blood pressure, she decided to stop shaving and let her beard grow out.

On February 8, 2023, Honeycutt officially broke the previous world record for female beard held by 75-year-old Vivian Wheeler, whose beard measured 10.04 inches.

Now she proudly wears her record-breaking beard, viewing it as a symbol of her strength and perseverance.

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