Nanda Utsav: Know Significance Of The Day After Janmashtami

Lord Krishna’s parents, Nanda and Yasoda celebrate by giving out sweets to the villagers the day after Janmashtami and this day is celebrated all over India as Nanda Utsav.

Devotees prepare a list of 56 food items known as the ‘Chhappan Bhog’ as an offering to the Lord. After the fast, this is distributed among the people.

On Ashtami, or the eighth day of the Krishna paksha of the month of Shravan or Bhadrapad, Janmashtami is celebrated.

All of Braj’s people are said to have come to Nanda’s house to witness little Krishna and congratulate Mata Yashoda. Saints and sages received jewellery, clothing, cattle, and other riches from Nanda. In exchange, all the saints and sages showered their blessings on Lord Krishna.

This celebration is held in several Lord Krishna temples around Vrindavan.

Lord Krishna’s birth is observed with panchamrit abhishek and maha aarti. On this day, devotees assemble small groups to break maakhan haandis attached to ropes on high-rise buildings to honour “Govinda”.

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