Mahavir Jayanti 2023: History & Significance

New Delhi: Mahavir Jayanti is a festival celebrated by Jains all over the world to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir, the twenty-fourth and the last Tirthankara of Jainism.

The festival usually falls in late March or early April, on the thirteenth day of the bright half of the Hindu month of Chaitra.

Mahavir Jayanti 2021: History and significance

Lord Mahavir is considered the founder of Jainism. He was born in 599 BC, at Kshatriyakund, Bihar, on the 13th day of the bright half of the moon, in the month of Chaitra. He was the 24th and the last Tirthankar (teaching god who preaches dharma).

He was born to King Siddartha and queen Trisala, Mahavir was named Vardhaman by his parents. He was born into a royal family, but royalty and the luxurious life did not please him. He was in constant search of inner peace and spirituality.

In his early years, Vardhaman developed a deep interest in the core beliefs of Jainism and started meditating. At the age of 30, he renounced the throne and his family to seek spiritual truth. He led a life of an ascetic and for more than twelve years he practiced rigorous penance and profound austerity before attaining ‘Kevala Jnana’ or omniscience.

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