Make these donations on Mondays in the month of Sawan; these changes will come in life

In Shiva Mahapurana there are 6 such things that people should donate. This averts your bad luck. Donation of this item must be done in the month of Sawan. All your broken work will be fixed. If you donate this item in the month of sawan, even a road tycoon will become a millionaire.

If you don’t give, it will not do you any good, nor will it do to the people who are need, any good. Donating is as much important as work in life. According to scriptures, one should anonymously donate twice in life. It is considered very auspicious for you but there are some things that should not be donated. Lord Shiva says there are 6 things that should not be donated. Let us know what things should be donated according to Shiva Purana:

Donation of salt: If you donate salt on Monday, you will not have bad luck and problems in your life. Donating salt removes all bad luck.

Donation of Jaggery: By donating it, your relationship will be sweet. Distress is removed between husband and wife. Be sure to donate jaggery to Lord Shiva on Monday. Even if you feed a cow jaggery and roti, your relationship will be sweet. It also bless with abundance.

Donation of Sesame: It is mentioned in the Shiva Mahapurana that by donating sesame, a person’s self-confidence will be fixed. have you ever seen a person even after being very wise, his confidence does not support him sometimes even if the children read well, when he goes for an interview, his confidence does not support him. Even after finding out, they come back from there, so in such a situation, donate a sum of money on Monday.

Donation of Food: Goddess Lakshmi never leaves your treasury empty when you donate it. You will be showered with abundance. By feeding a cow with roti, one gets thousands of merits.


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