Tension is rising in this country over DNA, people are warned, know what the danger is

New Delhi- Science and technology are constantly progressing with the pace of time. New experiments are coming out every day, which make our work easier, but there are many inventions that can harmful to us. Similar surprising data has come from America. Here it is learned that a bio-weapon is being developed that can use DNA to kill someone using DNA.

In view of this threat, a member of the US House Intelligence Committee has warned people. Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum on Friday, U.S. Representative Jason Crowe of Colorado warned Americans not to be careless when sharing their DNA with private companies. With a little carelessness, you can target a biological weapon that can lead to murder. Although 23&Me has repeatedly stated that it does not sell its customers’ personal information, in fact, today, Americans are increasingly taking DNA tests to learn more about their ancestry and health. Many companies offer home sitting sampling facilities. In such cases, people share their genetic mappings.

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