Not only hair mask, eating these three things will reduce hair fall

Women use various method to take care of their hair, but the hair still becomes weak. The hair becomes weak and starts breaking. Many types of shampoos are also used to get relief from this problem. But it doesn’t matter much. To make hair strong, you also have to take-care special care of diet. You hair gets nourishment from what you eat. Today I will tell you about 3 such things, which will make your hair stronger. So let’s know about it…

Mushroom- You must have eaten roti, lentils, rice, vegetables and salad daily in food. But to fulfill the deficiency of many things, you have to consume nutritious diet. This will make your hair strong and hair shiny. Mushroom contains 94 g micro-grams of biotin. Your hair needs only 30 to 35 grams of micro-grams biotin. Due to lack of biotin in the hair, the hair starts breaking and becoming lifeless. If you are thinking that just one day will be able to complete the deficiency of biotin in the hair by consuming mushrooms, then it is not so at all. You have to consume it regularly. This will make your hair strong.

Beans- You can also strengthen your hair with beans. You can soak gram, moong dal at night and consume it by adding onion, tomato, lemon in the morning. Iron is found in abundance in beans. Non-vegetarian people get iron through this. Women need iron the most, because they have to face problems like periods every month, due to which there is a lack of vitamins and proteins in their body. That’s why they need a lot of iron and calcium. Consuming beans also strengthens hair.

Chicken Leg Piece- If you eat non-vegetarian food, then you can eat chicken leg piece. It contains an amino acid called allicin (L-Lysin). Your body absorbs iron easily by consuming it. The body needs 28 grams of allicin (L-Lysin) daily. You can consume it 3 times a week. This will reduce hair fall. Apart from this, the hair will also become long, shiny, thick and strong.

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