This Diwali, Fill Sweetness In Your Family Preparing Most Popular Dishes

No festival is complete without sweets so how can the biggest Indian festival be celebrated without a lot of mithai.

That time of the year is finally here and most of us have already begun indulging in copious amounts of sweet as well as savory treats.

While there are there plenty of offers all across the town, it’s time to start looking for sweets to prepare for your loved ones this Diwali.

1. Kaju Katli

The first on the list had to be the delicious Kaju katli! This mithai is an all-time favourite of everyone, so to make this easily at your home, all you need is milk, cashews and sugar. A delicious plate of Kaju katli will be ready in no time!

2. Coconut Till Ladoo

If you love a refreshing taste, then this coconut ladoo is just for you. This amazing ladoo has the sweetness of dates and roasted sesame seeds to give it an extra kick in the flavour.

3. Gajar Halwa

The carrot halwa, as perfected by Felicity Cloake four years ago, sounds like it has a sheen of healthiness. But do not be deceived: not only does a halwa require a shedload of evaporated milk, it also has two types of sugar. Grate a bunch of carrots and fry them with cardamom, then add the milk and sugar along with some dried fruits. Once it has dried out a little, this is a beautifully buttery treat.

4. Badam Halva

All the sweet dishes of Diwali are special in their own way, but some of them are just not special, they are also royal. One of which is Badam (almonds) Halva, to add up to its luxury, the ingredients are almonds, khoya, milk and poppy seeds. It taste royal, it feels royal. This Halva becomes very important part of our Diwali celebration.

5. Rabri

This dish is also known as Rabdi in Rajasthan. A popular sweet dish overall India, and is preferred during all festivals that is throughout the year. This sweet dish is made with dahi (yoghurt) and flour. We can find rabri in most parts of northern, western and central India. Chopped dry fruits, nuts and pistachios can be added as garnish.

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