Why we hang lemon-chili outside the house and shop? Unique science hidden behind this

You must have seen that many people hang lemon peppers outside their homes and shops. Many people even put lemon pepper in their vehicles. Some people consider it superstition. At the same time, some people believe in hanging lemon peppers. People believe that hanging lemon peppers do not make their house look bad. People hang it in their homes to ward off evil forces. But there is also a scientific reason behind hanging it outside the houses. Let’s know.

Protects from the evil eye

According to Vastu, hanging lemon peppers outside houses and shops can ward off the evil eye. The sourness of lemon and the pungency of chili reduce the effect of the evil eye. Hanging it keeps all the negative energy away from your property. If you hang it in shops then your business will grow.

What is the science behind it?

Science is also hidden behind hanging lemon peppers behind houses or shops. When we see things like chili and lemon in front of our eyes, then we start feeling the taste of it in our minds. Due to this, we are not able to see him for a long time and immediately withdraw our attention from there.

Protects health too

Along with this, if seen from a scientific point of view, lemon is very sour and chili is very pungent. If we hang it on any door, then flies and moths do not enter the house due to its strong smell. This also purifies the surrounding environment. Hanging it outside the house also keeps our health good.

Don’t Hang Plastic Lemon Peppers

Nowadays, lemon peppers made of plastic are also available in the market. Many people hang it in their homes and shops. Let me tell you that it is of no use. Because neither there is any smell from it, nor is it any advantage according to Vastu. Therefore, you should always use fresh lemon and chili in the house and keep changing it daily.

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