Assam: 8 Police Personnel Fall Ill After Consuming Wild Mushrooms

Dispur: Eight Assam Police personnel stationed near the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border in Dhemaji district were hospitalised on Sunday after consuming wild mushrooms. The incident occurred at the Panbari BOP (Border Out Post) kitchen, where the mushrooms were reportedly cooked for lunch.

According to officials, the personnel started experiencing vomiting approximately 30 minutes after consuming the meal. They were rushed to the district hospital in Gogamukh for medical attention.

“While not everyone consumes mushrooms, a group of our officers did prepare them separately. Unfortunately, it appears they were unable to correctly identify the mushrooms this time, leading to them becoming sick,” informed Dhemaji Superintendent of Police Hitesh Roy.

The affected police personnel have been identified as Siruz Mora, Pranjit Gayari, Dhanmoni Chetia, Adeshwar Dal, Sushaka Barkatki, Nitish Barman, Rup Kumar Sangmai, and Bhargav Barua. Medical reports indicate that Siruz Mora’s condition necessitated transfer to the ICU, while the others are receiving treatment in the general ward.

“The good news is that most of the personnel are expected to make a full recovery and be discharged within a few days,” said SP Roy. “We have, however, issued strict instructions to ensure proper monitoring of food preparation at all BOPs to prevent similar incidents in the future.”

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