Brave Woman Constable Thwarts Armed Robbery in Jaipur Bank

Jaipur: A woman constable’s quick thinking and courage led to the arrest of an armed robber who fired at a bank cashier in Jaipur on Friday. The incident, captured on CCTV cameras, unfolded at a Punjab National Bank branch in the Jhotwara area.

Two masked robbers entered the bank, threatening staff with weapons. During their attempt to loot cash, one robber, identified as Manoj Meena, shot and injured cashier Narendra Singh Shekhawat. The commotion alerted locals gathered outside, who were further drawn in by the sound of gunshots.

Patrolling constable Maneka, unaware of the unfolding drama, noticed the commotion outside the bank and stopped to investigate. As fate would have it, this coincided with Manoj’s desperate attempt to flee the scene.

With remarkable bravery and the support of alert locals, Maneka apprehended the fleeing robber. They managed to subdue him and restrain him to a railing until backup arrived. The stolen weapon, a country-made pistol, was also recovered.

While Meena was apprehended, his accomplice, Bharat Meena, initially managed to escape. However, a swift police operation led to his arrest later, bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The injured cashier, Shekhawat, is undergoing treatment at a private hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The police commissioner commended Maneka’s swift action and the collaboration of the public, highlighting the importance of community vigilance in ensuring safety.

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