Centre Forms Committee to Address Issues Faced by LGBTQIA+ Community

New Delhi: The Centre has established a committee headed by the cabinet secretary to address issues concerning the queer community. This move follows an order from the Supreme Court in October, urging the central government to form a high-powered panel to tackle queer community issues comprehensively.

According to a recent notification, the committee’s focus includes ensuring equitable access to services for the queer community while preventing threats of violence and discrimination. Specifically, the panel will assess and propose actions for both central and state governments to eliminate discriminatory practices in accessing goods and services. Additionally, it will explore strategies to safeguard queer individuals from violence, harassment, and coercion.

Another key aspect of the committee’s mandate is to examine ways to prevent involuntary medical treatments and surgeries, with a particular emphasis on mental health modules. Moreover, ensuring non-discriminatory access to social welfare entitlements for queer persons is among the committee’s objectives.

The committee comprises members such as the Union home secretary, legislative secretary, health secretary, women and child development secretary, and social justice and empowerment secretary. Additionally, the notification states that the committee has the authority to enlist experts and other officials as necessary to fulfill its objectives.

The Supreme Court’s order on October 17 prompted the establishment of this committee, emphasizing the need to consider benefits for queer individuals at the highest levels of governance.

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