China Responds To Reports Of Brawl With India On Border

New Delhi: In response to reports of a brawl on the border, China reportedly stated that the situation is “stable” on the Indian border. After Indian and Chinese troops clashed in the Tawan area of Arunachal Pradesh on December 9, this was China’s first response.

The situation along the China-India border is stable overall, according to our understanding, said Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. He added that the two countries “kept an open conversation on the border issue through diplomatic and military channels.”

On December 9, Indian and Chinese troops engaged in a physical altercation along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh, according to a statement from the Indian Army. According to the Army, the encounter resulted in “minimal casualties” for both Chinese and Indian personnel.

According to sources, about 200 Chinese soldiers brandishing spiked clubs and sticks engaged in a brawl with Indian soldiers in the Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh. Last Friday, a fight broke out along the LAC near Yangtse during a more than 30-month border impasse between the two sides in eastern Ladakh.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke in the Parliament on the India-China border conflict and claimed that the Indian Army valiantly prevented the Chinese PLA from “unilaterally” altering the situation in the Yangtse region. He said that no Indian soldier was killed or seriously hurt in the altercation.

Singh reported that soldiers from both sides suffered minor injuries as a result of the altercation and added that the Chinese side had been urged to refrain from similar behaviour and preserve calm and harmony along the border. Through diplomatic channels, the problem has also been brought up with the Chinese side, he added.

On the other hand, till the Narendra Modi government is in power, no one can seize even a single inch of land, according to Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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