Delhi Doctor Granted Bail in Rape Case, Court Orders Probe into Investigation

New Delhi: A Delhi court has granted bail to a doctor accused of raping a woman, citing insufficient evidence supporting the allegations. The court also slammed the investigating officer (IO) for an allegedly unfair investigation and ordered a higher officer to conduct an inquiry into the investigative process.

The accused faced charges of rape and sodomy, but the court noted the complainant’s refusal of internal examination and the absence of medico-legal evidence. Discrepancies in the complainant’s background were highlighted, including previous FIRs with similar allegations against others.

The court found it perplexing that the complainant sought mediation instead of police involvement, despite alleging rape. Non-cooperation with the investigation, such as not providing her phone and failing to disclose her current address, was noted.

The accused, described as a doctor without involvement in other cases, was granted bail based on evidence suggesting a consensual relationship. The accused’s counsel claimed the doctor was ensnared in a honey-trapping racket orchestrated by the complainant.

The court pulled up the IO for not taking action on the doctor’s complaint of being honey-trapped and directed a Deputy Commissioner of Police to conduct an inquiry into the IO’s investigative methods. The judge emphasized the need for a fair investigation and criticized the IO’s handling of the case.

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