Ex-Rourkela Cop Killed By Friend In Alleged Revenge Attack


Rourkela: In a horrifying incident reported from Rourkela, an ex-police officer in Sundargarh district was slashed to death by his friend on Thursday after the duo allegedly got into a fight while intoxicated.

The accused has been identified as Samir Kisan, who was apprehended after the crime, while the deceased was identified as Kalebar Pradhan, a former constable from Colony Pada in the Dalki panchayat.

Kalebar and Samir met on Thursday for a few beers, according to police sources. Kalebar persuaded Samir to stay with him after being drunk. The two continued to drink after the latter gave his consent. They supposedly reached a consensus on a matter while intoxicated.

Surprisingly, after the fight, the two of them slept on the same cot. However, Samir awoke about five in the morning and, in a fit of vengeance, assaulted Kalebar with a sharp weapon, severely wounding his head and waist.

After committing the crime, Samir left the area as Kalebar became unconscious and fell from his bed. Neighbours overheard screams and arrived at the scene, they called the police, who came right away and rushed Kalebar to a hospital in Burla (Sambalpur). Kalebar, however, passed away while receiving medical attention.

Police began looking for the suspect in the interim and eventually found him, apprehending him near the Raiboga Bridge. A case has been filed, and more investigation is being done. For additional research, a forensic team from Sundargarh has also been deployed at the spot.

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