House was broken to catch a Cobra hiding inside the wall, watch video

New Delhi: During the monsoons, snakes often enter the house. So there was a terrible snake hidden inside the wall of a man’s house. The house had to be demolished to save the cobra. The snake was later rescued by a snake rescue team. One such video has gone viral in social media.

The snake was rescued from Tohana area of Fatehabad district of Haryana. The cobra appeared to be hidden inside the wall of a man’s house. Then the incident spread around. The snake rescue team was informed and they came soon. If the house had not been demolished, the snake would have been difficult to get out of the wall.

The members of Snake Helpline securely rescued the cobra. “Spectacled cobra is most venomous snake in the world. These snakes are shy and do not bite from the beginning. But in the event of a disaster, they do not hesitate to bite”,  said Snake Helpline member.


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