Indian Coast Guard Rescues Stranded Fishing Vessel Off Karnataka Coast

Karwar (K’taka): In a swift rescue operation, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) saved a fishing boat named “Rosary” that encountered engine failure over 215 nautical miles from Karwar, Karnataka.

Responding to a distress call on April 13, the ICG ship Savitribai Phule skillfully established communication with the stranded vessel amidst challenging sea conditions.

“The ICG immediately deployed a team to the location and upon arrival, attempted to fix the seized engine to prevent the boat from becoming completely immobile,” a defence ministry official said in a statement.

Due to the extensive distance from shore, the ICG, in collaboration with the Karnataka Coast Guard District Headquarters and the fisheries department, decided to tow the “Rosary” back to safety.

“After successfully towing the fishing boat, it was handed over to IFB Shree Laxmi Narayan, which safely escorted it to Karwar port,” the official added.

The Indian Coast Guard’s timely response and coordinated efforts ensured the safe return of the fishermen and their vessel.

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