Jaya Bachchan Had To Change Pads Behind Bushes

What to speak of problems of common Indian women during menstruation, when noted actress Jaya Bachchan claims to have suffered horrible time during her periods. Recently she has stated that she was facing much trouble while shooting during her periods.

This senior actress and Rajya Sabha MP has disclosed her menstrual ordeals in a podcast. Even when she was a top actress, it was quite a hard task for her to change her pads during her periods. In her days, film studios didn’t have basic amenities like enough toilets.

The situation was horrible during outdoor shoots. Jaya revealed that at times she had to change pads behind bushes, which was too embarrassing.
According to her, during her days she used to wear four sanitary towels at a time to avoid leakage, which was too uncomfortable. She had to carry plastic bags, in which she could discard a pad. She had to take them home to get rid of them.

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