K’taka Bus Stop’s Mosque-Like Domes Replaced By ‘Kalash’

Mysuru: Authorities in Karnataka’s Mysuru after receiving numerous threats from Hindu activists and the BJP MP Pratap Simha, have altered the design of the dome-like structures above a bus stop in the city.

“I’ve seen that on social media, said MP Simha. There are two domes at the bus stop, one large in the centre and one smaller next to it. That’s a mosque only.”

The authorities as is now visibly evident have constructed a “Kalash” (sacred pot) over the domes.

The MP had set a four-day deadline for demolishing the dome-shaped buildings.

“I directed the engineers to knock down the building in three to four days. If they don’t, I’ll demolish it myself with a JCB,” he had warned.

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