Nitish Kumar Didn’t Want ‘INDIA’ as Name of Opposition Alliance, Sources

New Delhi: As per reports, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was opposed to the naming of the Opposition alliance as ‘INDIA’. Nitish Kumar did not want the letters ‘NDA’ in the name of the Opposition alliance, and they are quite present in ‘INDIA’.

The name INDIA is said to be proposed during the informal meeting of Opposition leaders in Bengaluru on Monday evening. On Tuesday everyone agreed to it. Following this, Nitish Kumar agreed to the name. Reports say the ‘INDIA’ name was proposed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate said, “It is a collective effort. We all sat together, and we all decided on names. Rahul ji spearheaded this, he justified why it should be INDIA. He argued for it.”

The representatives of the 26 parties who met in Bengaluru have decided to set up an 11-member coordination committee, and a ‘secretariat’ in Delhi for campaign management and for coordinating the working of various sub-committees, which will take up specific issues.

The names of members of this committee will be announced in the next opposition meeting to be held in Mumbai, for which date has not been announced.

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