Punjab Gypsy With AK-47 Sticker Challaned in UP

Pilibhit (UP): A Maruti Gypsy from Punjab with an AK-47 rifle sticker on it was issued a challan and fine of Rs 12,000 by the Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO), Pilibhit, Virendra Singh.

The slogan “The world power of the Khalsa” was also painted on the car.

The district police have been tasked with conducting a proper investigation, according to the ARTO.

The car was parked outside a private English-medium school in Pilibhit city, according to Singh. The driver was requested to present paperwork, including the vehicle’s fitness certificate. The vehicle had a Punjab registration number.

The car’s registration had run out in 2011 and it lacked a fitness certificate as well.

Further, the driver, identified as Charanjeet Singh, was unable to produce his driving licence, the ARTO informed.

He stated a kid and an old woman were sitting in the car, which had arrived at the school to pick up the kids.

Whether the woman was the car’s owner could not be verified.


Atul Sharma, the superintendent of police, stated that given the seriousness of the situation, he would look into it and ask the ARTO for the relevant details regarding the car.

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