Two thousand live cartridges were recovered from the capital before Independence Day

New Delhi: 2 days before Independence Day, Delhi Police received a large number of live cartridges. Police seized 2,000 live cartridges in raids in the Anand Bihar area of ​​Delhi. In addition, 6 youths have been arrested in this incident.

Apart from cartridges, a large amount of ammunition has also been seized from them. A team of East Delhi Police seized these cartridges while they were in two bags.

The police said that they were involved in the trade of stolen guns and ammunition. Why they kept so many cartridges and where they came from is not known.

Didn’t they bring such a large number of live cartridges for any major attack on Independence Day or before? Based on these questions, the Delhi Police has also started an investigation.

The Guinda Department has already informed that terrorists may carry out a large-scale attack in Delhi on Independence Day. For this, security measures have been tightened in sensitive areas. Blocking and checking are being done at various places. The discovery of 2,000 live cartridges among them has created a new panic.

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