‘Pure Veg Mode’: Zomato Launches Dedicated Vegetarian Fleet

Leading food-delivery platform Zomato has introduced a unique feature called “Pure Veg Mode” catering to customers adhering to a 100% vegetarian diet. This new service ensures that exclusively vegetarian meals are delivered by a dedicated fleet known as the “Pure Veg Fleet.” Sporting distinctive green uniforms and delivery boxes, this fleet aims to meet the demands of India’s large vegetarian population.

CEO Deepinder Goyal emphasized the importance of addressing the specific dietary preferences of vegetarians, citing feedback regarding food preparation and handling. The “Pure Veg Mode” initiative is a response to these preferences, ensuring that only vegetarian food from restaurants serving solely vegetarian cuisine is delivered through this service.

Even Goyal himself was seen delivering “pure veg orders,” underscoring the company’s commitment to the new offering. The rollout of the “Pure Veg Mode” will occur gradually across the country in the coming weeks, ensuring a meticulous approach to implementation.

While the announcement has received praise for its innovative marketing approach, it has also sparked criticism regarding potential discrimination and societal implications. Despite differing opinions, Goyal maintains that the initiative does not aim to exclude any particular religious or political group.

Looking ahead, Zomato plans to introduce additional specialized fleets to meet various customer needs. This includes a cake delivery fleet equipped with hydraulic balancers to prevent damage during transportation, demonstrating the company’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

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