2 Youths Forced to Eat Human Excreta in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: In another shocking incident of caste-related torture two youths from lower castes faced inhuman torture over claims of sexual assault in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh.

One victim was a Dalit from the Jatav community, while the other was from the Other Backward Class Kewat community.

This incident occurred on June 30 in Warkhadi in the Narwar area of Shivpuri. Both victims were ruthlessly beaten up, forced to eat faeces, and were paraded in the town with garlands of shoes on their necks.

Shivpuri district police have already nabbed six suspects, including two women in relation to this case. Police, however, denied allegations of sexual assault made against the victims and asserted that the incident was linked to a property dispute.

Narottam Mishra, the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister, condemned the incident saying it was a “Talibani act which shamed humanity.” The local administration in Shivpuri was instructed to invoke the National Security Act (NSA) against the accused and demolish their illegally built properties, said Mr Mishra.

The incident comes days after a man was arrested in Madhya Pradesh for urinating on a tribal labourer and having the incident filmed.

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