Carromancy: Molten Wax Can Predict Your Future

Everyone is worried about the future. Whatever the skeptic may say, people consult methods of astrology, palmistry, numerology, and Vedic science to know about upcoming events in their lives. Unknown to many, there exists an ancient Roman technique to forecast the future.  This technique is called Carromancy or Ceromancy uses molten wax for the predictions.

Carromancy is a form of Hydromancy, developed by the ancient Celts and Romans. Earlier, it was commonly practiced in Britain, Sweden, and Lithuania. In this technique, wax is melted, then it is directly poured into cold water.  The shapes and movements of the wax as it cools and solidifies provide clues for forecasts. It is also called candle reading.

Here is the method of candle reading

Things Required

  1. Scrying Bowl
  2. Water
  3. Candle

– Gather all the stuff required for the candle reading session. Take a bowl. You can use tap water or fresh water. It is best to use drinking water. Always use a bowl made of up natural products like glass. Avoid using plastic or aluminum bowls.

– Meditate for a few minutes before beginning the process. Keep your mind clear. Write down the question on a piece of paper or notepad.

– Fill the bowl with clear water. The water should be cool or at room temperature. You can sit anywhere you want. Like on a table or on the floor. The surrounding should be silent.

– Light the candle wick. Holding the candle over the dish allows the candle wax to drip into the water. Don’t move the bowl or touch the water. Let the wax and water blend naturally. After a few moments set the candle aside.

– Sit quietly while you look into the water to review the candle wax dripping. Observe the shapes and the fluid movement of the floating wax particles.

These particles may take the shape of animals, objects, or numbers. They sometimes also form a complete picture. It may appear like an abstract artwork that speaks a lot to you. Allow your intuitive self to form an impression about the various forms of wax. Write the thoughts down for better understanding.

If the wax takes the shape of a number, it may indicate days, weeks, months, or even years. Letters can represent a person’s name or place. A cluster of dots may indicate a group of people. A circle indicates the end of a cycle.  If there is one formation sitting a distance from the rest of the drippings it could represent isolation or go off on a distant trip.

There are no perfectly right or wrong ways to interpret candle wax. The process has now become popular in various countries.

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