Chinese Spy Balloon of 3 Buses Size Will Fly Over US for a Few Days

The Chinese balloon suspected to be carrying a payload of surveillance equipment is expected to fly over areas of the United States for a few days, informed the Pentagon.

Expressing its anger over this spy balloon of China, the United States canceled the Beijing trip of Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He was expected to leave for China on Friday night. This would have been the first visit of a top American diplomat to China in several years.

President Joe Biden is closely monitoring the developing situation. Pentagon and American security forces are keeping a close watch on the Chinese surveillance balloon floating in the American sky.

“It’s got a large payload underneath the surveillance component, underneath the actual balloon piece of it,” Ryder said, adding that the surveillance balloon has maneuverability capabilities. Right now at this point, it’s moving eastward across the United States, currently over about the central United States”, Pentagon officials said.

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