Drunk Driver of 22-Wheel Truck Drags Car for 3Km in UP

Meerut: Shocking everyone, a 22-wheel container truck hit a car in Meerut and then dragged it for around 3 kilometres. Visuals of this car being pushed by the truck are now viral on social media.

Luckily none of the four passengers in the car were seriously injured.

Although the locals shouted at the driver of the container to stop after it hit the car, the inebriated driver of the vehicle preferred to drag the car for a long distance. He stopped the huge vehicle only when the police intercepted it.

The driver, who was reportedly drunk, has been taken into custody. It is alleged that the driver of the truck had tried to run over the car after an altercation between the men in the car.

A day ago, a speeding truck hit a horse-driven cart used for weddings, killing three persons including brothers.

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