Fake College Admission Letter Scam, Dubious Immigration Agent Arrested in Canada

New Delhi: Brijesh Mishra, the dubious Indian immigration agent, who had allegedly provided fake Canadian college admission letters to hundreds of Indian students, was nabbed in Canada on criminal charges.

Mishra runs an immigration agency called EMSA in Jalandhar. He absconded when the fake admission scam came to light. Hundreds of students from Punjab and other Indian states reached Canada with fake admission letters provided by him. They faced deportation due to the fraudulent college admission letter scam.

The Canada Border Services Agency nabbed Mishra on Friday, charging him with offering immigration advice without a licence and counselling others to misrepresent or withhold information from authorities.

Brijesh Mishra is now detained in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, affected students wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab, identification of immigration agents and agencies involved in these fraudulent activities.

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