Girl blackmails Elder Sister with ‘private’ Video; arrested along with boyfriend

New Delhi: A 21-year-old girl allegedly involved in the blackmail of her elder sister through ‘private’ video was arrested along with her boyfriend by Delhi police. She had allegedly recorded a private video of her real elder sister, which she had used later to blackmail and extort money with the help of her boyfriend.

Investigation proved that the victim’s younger sister and her boyfriend Devraj had planned to extort money from her by threatening to make her private video viral on social media.

According to investigating police officials, the accused’s elder sister was opposed to her younger sister’s relationship with Devraj. Devraj is the neighbour and boyfriend of the younger sister of the complainant. To take revenge on her elder sister, the younger sibling handed over a private video of her elder sister to Devraj.

Devraj sent a text message to the victim along with her private video with a demand of Rs 20,000. He threatened to post her private video on social media if she didn’t pay up the money.

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