Kerala Start-up GO EC Autotech to Deploy 1,000 EV Charging Stations Across India

Kochi: Kerala-based start-up GO EC Autotech Pvt Ltd recently announced its plan to install 1,000 super-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across India. Currently, the company operates 70 charging stations in Kerala and over 33 throughout the country.

GO EC aims to expand its footprint and cater to the needs of customers in remote locations by strategically positioning the new charging stations in capitals, state highways, national highways, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, as well as rural areas. This initiative will make it easier for people to adopt electric vehicles, fostering a greener future.

The project signifies a significant milestone for the start-up, which has already deployed over 103 charging stations in India within a year. GO EC is committed to transforming the EV charging experience and has partnered with major restaurants and shopping malls to provide convenient charging solutions for EV users. By combining charging facilities with enjoyable visits to these establishments, GO EC enhances the overall experience for electric vehicle owners.

P G Ramnath, the CEO and Executive Director of GO EC, emphasized the company’s mission to empower electric vehicle users and accelerate the transition to a greener future. One of the major challenges faced by EV owners is the lack of sufficient charging infrastructure for long-distance travel. Recognizing this hurdle, GO EC has dedicated itself to establishing charging stations across the nation. With its sustainable charging solutions, GO EC aims to overcome this obstacle and facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in India.

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