IIT Kanpur Succeeds in Conducting Artificial Rain Through Cloud Seeding

Kanpur: Scientists of IIT Kanpur have successfully conducted a test of artificial rain through cloud seeding. It is being seen as a boon for drought-prone regions of Uttar Pradesh.

This artificial rain project was initiated by IIT Kanpur in 2017. During the test, a Cessna aircraft took off from IIT Kanpur’s airstrip to a height of 5000 feet. As part of the cloud seeding technology, the chemical powder was released into the clouds from the aircraft. These chemicals became catalysts to form raindrops.

After some time rainfall occurred in the surrounding areas, proving the success of the artificial rain technique developed by IIT Kanpur.

The scientists claimed that this cloud seeding technique for artificial rains is environment friendly.

This technology can help farmers in drought-prone areas of UP like Bundelkhand. It can alleviate water scarcity issues and mitigate the smog problem in cities like Delhi.

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