Illegal Mobile Use Killed 89 Russian Soldiers in Ukraine’s Missile Attack

Illegal mobile phone use was the reason behind the pin-pointed missile strike by Ukraine that killed 89 Russian soldiers, said Russia’s defence ministry on Wednesday. This missile strike was the deadliest attack by Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

Earlier Russia had said 63 Russian soldiers were killed in the weekend missile strike. Later the death toll increased to 89. According to the Russian defence ministry, four Ukrainian missiles hit a temporary Russian barracks in Makiivka, a Russian-occupied regional capital of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

The main reason behind this pin-pointed attack was the illegal mass use of mobile phones by soldiers, claimed the Russian Defence Ministry.

Mass use of mobile phones allowed Ukraine to track down the location of the soldiers.

Ukraine’s military has not declared much about this missile strike. It only said a strike was launched that resulted in the Russian loss of equipment and possibly personnel near Makiivka.

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