Khalistan Supporters Attack Indian Consulate in San Francisco

A group of Khalistan supporters attacked the Indian Consulate in US’s San Francisco. They played loud Punjabi music and spray-painted a huge graffiti saying “Free Amritpal” on the outer wall of the consulate building, reported NDTV. Video of this mob attack on the Indian Consulate is making rounds on social media.

This incident came to the fore soon after Khalistan supporters pulled down the national flag at the Indian High Commission building in London. The attackers of the Indian Consulate in San Francisco filmed their attack. The videos showed men smashing the glass on doors and windows of the consulate building with the wooden butt of the Khalistan flags they held in their hands.

Three men, presumably employees of the Indian consulate, were seen removing the Khalistan flags put up in the building near the entrance when suddenly the mob broke through a barricade behind which they were earlier shouting slogans. They could be seen violently hitting the doors and windows with the wooden sticks and rods of the flags. One of the men could be seen smashing the windows with a sword.

Earlier today, a huge Tricolour was put up at the Indian High Commission building in London in response to the action by Khalistan supporters.

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