Marriage of Dogs by Hindu Outfit to Protest Valentine’s Day Celebration

Chennai: To express its protest and antipathy towards Valentine’s Day celebration, a Hindu outfit performed a ritualistic marriage ceremony between dogs in Tamil Nadu’s Sivaganga.

This outfit named the Hindu Munnani continues to oppose opposed Valentine’s Day. According to the organisation, Valentine’s Day observation is against Indian culture. Activists of the Hindu Munnani say, during Valentine’s Day some people behave like dogs rather than cultured humans. So, they decided to celebrate the marriage ceremony of two dogs during Valentine’s Day celebration.

Hindu Munnani activists of Sivaganga decorated the two dogs in the attire of the bride and groom. Then ritualistic nuptial knot was tied between the canine lovers to symbolize that they were married.

Hindu Munnani cadres stated that on Valentine’s Day lovers resort to lewd behavior in public places like stray animals. To oppose it they conducted the dogs’ wedding.

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