PM Modi Pays tribute to Martyred Soldiers in Pulwama Terror Attack

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tributes to the soldiers who lost their lives in the 2019 Pulwama terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir. In a Tweet, Mr Modi said, the nation will never forget the supreme sacrifice of our valorous heroes whom we lost on this day in Pulwama. The Prime Minister said, their courage motivates the people to build a strong and developed India.

Four years back, on this very day, the Pulwama terror attack happened. Today, India is observing the fourth ‘Black Day’. In the Pulwama attack over 40 CRPF soldiers got martyred. India, on the fateful day of February 14 remembers the heroes who laid their lives for the motherland in one of the worst terror attacks the world has witnessed.

To pay tribute to the martyred soldiers, a memorial was set up inside a CRPF camp adjacent to the place of the Pulwama attack.

An explosive-laden SUV on February 14, 2019, was rammed into one of the CRPF buses, killing 40 Indian CROF soldiers. The bus driver was identified as a Jaish-e-Mohammad suicide bomber, who was later identified as Adil Ahmad Dar.

Here are the names of all the 40 martyred soldiers to whom the nation is always grateful:

  1. Head Constable Naseer Ahmad (Jammu and Kashmir)
  2. Constable Sukhjinder Singh (Punjab)
  3. Head Constable Jaimal Singh (Punjab)
  4. Constable Rohitash Lamba (Rajasthan)
  5. Constable Tilak Raj (Himachal Pradesh)
  6. Head Constable Vijay Soreng (Jharkhand)
  7. Constable Vasantha Kumar VV (Kerala)
  8. Constable Subramaniam G (Tamil Nadu)
  9. Constable Manoja Kumar Behera (Odisha)
  10. Constable GD Guru H (Karnataka)
  11. Head Constable Narayan Lal Gurjar (Rajasthan)
  12. Constable Mahesh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
  13. Constable Pradeep Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
  14. Head Constable Hemraj Meena (Rajasthan)
  15. Head Constable PK Sahoo (Odisha)
  16. Constable Ramesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
  17. Head Constable Sanjay Rajput (Maharashtra)
  18. Constable Koushal Kumar Rawat (Uttar Pradesh)
  19. Constable Pradeep Singh (Uttar Pradesh)
  20. Constable Shyam Babu (Uttar Pradesh)
  21. Constable Ajit Kumar Azad (Uttar Pradesh)
  22. Constable Maninder Singh Attri (Punjab)
  23. Head Constable Bablu Santra (West Bengal)
  24. Constable Ashvni Kumar Kaochi (Madhya Pradesh)
  25. Constable Rathod Nitin Shivaji (Maharashtra)
  26. Constable Bhagirath Singh (Rajasthan)
  27. Constable Virendra Singh (Uttarakhand)
  28. Head Constable Awadhesh Kumar Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
  29. Constable Ratan Kumar Thakur (Bihar)
  30. Constable Pankaj Kumar Tripathi (Uttar Pradesh)
  31. Constable Jeet Ram (Rajasthan)
  32. Constable Amit Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
  33. Constable Vijay Kr. Mourya (Uttar Pradesh)
  34. Constable Kulwinder Singh (Punjab)
  35. Head Constable Maneswar Bsumatari (Assam)
  36. Assistant Sub Inspector Mohan Lal (Uttarakhand)
  37. Head Constable Sanjay Kumar Sinha (Bihar)
  38. Head Constable Ram Vakeel (Uttar Pradesh)
  39. Constable Sudeep Biswas (West Bengal)
  40. Constable Sivachandran (Tamil Nadu)

Following the attack, the Indian Airforce on Feb 26, 2019, attacked a terrorist camp in the Balakot region of Pakistan. According to security forces, several terrorists were killed in the attack.

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